Traditional Medicine Treating Asbestosis In Lungs

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Traditional Medicine Treating Asbestosis. This is one of the diseases that attack the lungs caused by asbestos inhaling asbestos fibers, which in the lungs formed scar tissue. In this article we provide information for you how to overcome asbestosis disease with alternative treatment modes using traditional ingredients as a way of treating asbestosis disease naturally safest that can ward off disease-free radical that is using Cordyceps Plus Capsule, from the efficacy of cordyceps and ginseng mushroom of the best quality .

Understanding the cause of asbestosis

Asbestos exposure can be found in the mining and milling, construction and other industries. Exposure to the families of asbestos workers can also occur from particles carried over the house in workers’ clothing.

Inhaling asbestos fibers can cause the formation of scar tissue (fibrosis) in the lungs. The lung tissue that forms fibrosis can not expand and deflate properly. The severity of the disease depends on the duration of exposure and the amount of fiber inhaled.


People who work in mining, milling, or manufacturing that involve asbestos are at greater risk of asbestosis.

The examples of high-risk occupations for asbestosis include:


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